Wednesday 2 June 2010

EDITED Review; Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask.

Last week, i felt my skin was in need of a little TLC. A deep cleansing treatment to be exact. After reading good reviews, I ordered the sample size of Liz Earle's Deep Cleansing Mask. I'm loving the sample of the Intensive Nourishing Treatment mask i got (using it on my cheeks because they're drier) so i thought i'd give this one a shot too.

The sample is a 15ml tube and it comes with these 2 facial sponges for £4.75 (added p&p on top of that) The product itself is a typical mask consistency and is a dark greeny colour because of the clay;

With clay being a main ingredient this is good for oily and congested skins. I wanted it to help the oilyness & blackheads on my t-zone. Another main ingredient in this is Manuka honey, this is beneficial to acne prone skin because it's an excellent healer for the skin.

It dried so my skin felt tight which personally i love, i feel that it is actually working. However, i don't like that feeling once you've removed a product; this one didn't do that. My skin felt smooth and exfoliated, i think that was partly the mask and partly using the sponges to remove it. A great combination. The blackheads on my nose also felt uncongested and 'cleared out'! A definite thumbs up for this mask.

The only slight downside is it does say it's not suitable for sensitive skin. This was a gamble for me having super sensitive skin. I didn't experience any stinging whilst applying the product or while it was working, however i'm curious to see if i break out soon or after my next use. If it doesn't, i will definitely be purchasing the full size!

Have you tried this? What do you think?
What's your favourite deep cleansing mask/treatment?

EDIT: The past few days my skin has been seriously breaking out , like the worst in a long time and this is the only thing i've changed in my skincare routine. I guess i should listen when it says not for suitable skin! :(


  1. i need to do a mask soon! i love them so much. actually that looks like a really great product!! <3

    love the post, and love your blog!! hehe ur adorable :)

  2. Wish my skin wasn't sooo allergic to everything under the sun :)- Lol

  3. I've never done a mask! (aside from facials!) thanks for the review!

  4. This sounds perfect for me, I also love the feeling you get when when your skin goes super tight, it makes me feel like its well and truly clean :)

    Might order this sample - Thanks for posting sweetie!


  5. Loving your blog hon, I'm a follower!

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