Friday 14 May 2010

Curling with the Conical Wand

I usually have a hard time curling my hair. As my hair is naturally pretty straight, it never seems to hold curls for very long, no matter what products i use on it. The conical wand has been all over beauty blogs and youtube and i guess i'm a little late on the bandwagon. Better late than never!

I ordered this because i had seen how quick it is to use from peoples youtube and how it can achieve an effortless but pretty look. It usually takes me at least an hour to curl my hair which is why i never bother, but i get bored of having straight hair everyday.

It comes with a heatmat (shown above) and also these little protective mitts for your fingers! I think they are a good idea but maybe not quite big enough because i did manage to burn myself..

Luckily, it hasn't blistered (yet) and looks a bit pathetic but it is really sore!

I've used the wand for the past couple of days, on the first day i lightly curled my whole head in ten minutes and just clipped to the sides back to give a more softer look to it and take some volume away from round my face.

Here's a close up of a curl! (and my gorgeous new earrings!)

I don't like really noticeable curls so i just curl them loosely and brush them out with my fingers to give a more tousled effect.

The day after this, i still had a bit of curl in my hair so i decided not to wash it and just to shove it in a ponytail and recurl the front strands.

Over i think curls instantly equal glam and a more 'polished' look. I love my conical wand!


  1. I really want a conical wand, and this post makes me want one even more, your hair looks gorgeous :) x x x

  2. Your hair looks lovely!

    I bought this year ago and it's my favourite hair tool. I use it all the time and I'd be lost without it. x

  3. you look really pretty :) I lvoe your hair x

  4. Looks amazing, really suits you(:

    I really want a conical wand, do you mind me asking how much it was? xx

  5. @LaurenStephanie it was around £30! x