Monday 24 May 2021

Our 5 best kitchen renovation choices!

2 years ago, we bought our 'Fixer upper' and had lots of plans for it, some of those plans are for the future but some we have done already and we are so glad we did! Here's 6 of our best renovation choices in the kitchen, with before and afters.

Removing chimney stack

We removed our chimney stack from the roof/attic all the way down to the kitchen. It was SO much work and dust but it was also SO worth it. I had always imagined the range cooker in this space so it was a dream come true to be able to do it!

Doing the kitchen tiling ourselves

We were quoted £1000 to have this tiling done by someone but we decided to give it a go ourselves first and I'm glad we did as we are so happy with the result and it worked out so much cheaper, even if it took (ALOT) longer.

Having a peninsula

When we were designing our kitchen, a lot of people were rather vocal about us NOT having a peninsula coming out from the kitchen and the whole layout in general really. But 2 years on, the layout works for us and the girls eat breakfast and after school snacks at the peninsula everyday.

Splashing out on floors 

At the time, choosing an LVT for the kitchen floor did feel like such an expense but 2 years on, it still practically looks brands new and is SO easy to clean that I am glad we went for it. With 3 kids and a dog, I feel any cheaper options would have been ruined already. 

Choosing Quartz counter tops

Similar to the flooring, we went for quartz on the countertops even though everyone told us it was so overpriced. Not only does it look beautiful, it has again, stayed looking basically brand new and is easy to clean, so far nothing has stained it and I know had we gone for a laminate it would have been dyed with tissue paper or something already!

So that's our top 5 best decisions in the kitchen. What were yours?!

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