Tuesday 27 April 2021

Chessington World of Adventure

Last August, we headed to Chessington World of Adventure for the first time and recently, the girls have been asking if we can go back soon which reminded me, I never shared my blog post on it. As it was during the pandemic (but not lock down) - we got a really good deal to stay over in a nearby hotel with breakfast included. The girls were so excited to be out of the house and able to order room service haha!

We had our masks in tow of course and we were lucky with the weather - it was absolutely boiling, 35 degrees actually, maybe a bit too hot for walking around a theme park but you can't complain too much. Slushies and iced coffee were needed on repeat ;)  The queue times weren't too bad for most things although the staff were disinfecting rides and handles, in between so it did make the wait slightly longer. To get in the second day, the queue was pretty long but it moved quite fast - about 20 minutes and everyone was socially distanced on the paw prints they had added to help.

The zoo part off the park was altered so there was a one way system and this was brilliant for our nearly 2 year old. She absolutely loved seeing the animals and it killed time while we were waiting for the older ones and Dad on some of the bigger rollercoasters! They were quite strict on measuring the heights of the girls for their safety, at the time Roma was just 0.9m and so she could only go on 3 rides - the carousel, sea dragons and tiny truckers. But those along with the zoo and the aquarium was enough for her.

One of the highlights was seeing this tiger so close. The girls were amazed and I couldn't believe how big he was.

We had such a fab time - as I said, the girls have been asking to go back so it may be a possibility in the summer holidays again! 


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