Friday 19 March 2021

February 2021 round up

February always feels like the end of a winter hibernation for me, as the mornings start getting that bit lighter, I start feeling more awake and ready for the days of fun. With home schooling still in full force the beginning of this February, we were definitely ready for a half term off. We filled it with some sensory play and of course - baking!

We also had another few flurries of snow so that was fun too! We played in the garden and made shapes with cookie cutters, as well as played in the mud kitchen with it. Then we all bundled inside for a hot chocolate to warm up. See our vlog of that day here!

For Valentines day, we didn't really do much but we did our Valentine's decor and a few activities. We have a chocolate lolly maker* that we use all the time, so we made some heart lollies and I also set Roma up with a pink foam sensory activity. You just whisk a tiny bit of fairy liquid with a bit of water and food colouring and it makes some fun foam to play with. She loves pretending to make cupcakes and it's such a simple, cheap, easy idea to keep her occupied!

3 days later is Aria's 5th birthday. She wanted an ice/frozen theme so that's what we set up for her! We made her cake the day before, now they're getting older they want to help making it which it fine by me, it adds to the memories.

I think she had a lovely day, despite being in lockdown. We had lots of sugar, watermelon salad for breakfast and played some fun games. We also got a McDonalds for dinner!

February was also the month I gave the girls room it's finishing touches so I had a little trip to B&M to get some extra items. I love how it's turned out!

We also got our new front door which we've been waiting weeks for! We knew when we first moved in that we needed the front door moved and a full height front door and it finally happened, I'm in love with it!

And that's it for February! It was a busy month but March is set to bee busier with back to school.

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