Monday 22 March 2021

Current kitchen wish list - H&M

 For Spring, I'm seeing so many items that I'm lusting after at the moment for the house, particularly the kitchen. H&M have got some beautiful pieces that really go with our kitchen, it's more of the farmhouse vibe I am trying to inject into the kitchen, with a slight modern twist. 

I'm looking to add some more wood and rustic stoneware in to our kitchen. H&M have the most dreamy stoneware in at the moment, I love the jug in particular, it would work lovely on our modern, marble quartz to add a great juxtaposition. 

We're also thinking of changing the current breakfast bar lights we have at the moment to single pendant lights. I think I want some light shades now instead of just the exposed bulbs and these brass pendant lights from H&M would be perfect!

I also need tonnes more chopping boards and serving platters as we are lacking a lot. I love the look of wooden chopping boards all stacked up together in a corner of a kitchen.

We know we also want to change our breakfast bar stools as well at some point - they are split from where the kids have knocked them over and I'm not keen on the white gloss. I'd love some either darker wood ones or possibly velvet to add another texture in, but while the kids are young, they are wipeable and do the job!

These terrazzo style knobs from H&M are also beautiful - I'd love to switch up some of our drawer handles or maybe even the pantry handle, it adds another pattern while tying all the colours together at the same time. 

What's on your wish list?

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