Thursday 11 February 2021

Valentines decor 2021

 I love to decorate the house no matter what's going on, any excuse to pull my decor box out. Although I must admit, we don't normally do Valentines day now as it's only 3 days before Aria's birthday, so my brain is normally focused on that. This year however, because we're in lockdown, I got Ari's birthday planned ages ago so I had a little brain space this week, plus we were so bored! 

I already had all of this stuff in the house, perks of being a bit of a hoarder when it comes to decor and great for my 'no spend Feb' I'm doing! The girls helped me as we are quite limited on 'love' theme items so it probably isn't our best mantel decor but the girls enjoyed it which is the main thing at the moment!

We also set up a little hot chocolate station. It's so cold this year, we've had more snow and freezing temperatures than the last few years so I think hot chocolate is much needed still!

We don't actually have any Valentines or love themed mugs which is surprising as I do love a mug! I may have to treat myself tomorrow, I know it's 'No spend Feb' but it's also lockdown. A pound won't hurt, right ;)

Do you decorate for Valentine's?

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