Thursday 4 February 2021

January 2021 round up!

 I saw this idea over on Paige's blog and loved the idea of a monthly round up so thought I'd start my own.

Wow, what a long month. If it isn't normally hard, it's a whole lot harder in lockdown.. but we made it! The highlight for us this month was 3 days of snow! In the UK, where we live in the country, we're lucky if it snows 1 day a year so the girls loved a couple extra snow days!

Being in lockdown, we've done quite a lot of homeschool but also some fun activities in the afternoons as well. I've come across the '1000 hours outside' challenge and I haven't been very good at logging exactly how many hours we've been outside but I have definitely made more of an effort to be outside more.

Some of their favourite 'outside' activities so far has been a perfume making station, nature hunts, making bug hotels, exploring the forest, jumping in muddy puddles and good old scooter rides!

The weekends have been spent baking, organising, bathing the dog, naps and ipad time. For Feb, I am looking forward to lighter evenings, pancake day and Aria's birthday!

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