Wednesday 10 February 2021

DIY stair runner!

 Our most recent home update, is our new stair runner. We had looked at getting someone in to do it but paying for labour would near enough double the cost, so we decided to give it a go ourselves and we love it! 

I painted the stairs in Dulux 'Rock salt' which is what we have the walls in, it isn't particularly a stair or wood paint however we knew from using it else where that it holds up really well. We go for the 'Easycare washable and tough' paint which not only covers well but is easy to wipe down as well.  

The actual runner we got from eBay in the black Friday sales which was an absolute bargain! It was called the Cambridge pinstripe and was £69.99 for 7m x 50cm which covered all of our stairs and we have a cut off as well.

We also ordered our antique brass stair rods from eBay as well. They were £105 for 12 and I think they look great! 

Once the stairs were painted and dry, we just used some contact adhesive spray from a local carpet shop to stick it down, we did tack along the under edge of each bullnose as well, just to ensure it would stay put. We used the measure tape and level to make sure it was centred which we thought would be tricky but it worked really well! Fixing the stair rods was easier than we thought as well so I am glad we took the plunge and didn't pay to get someone in!

DIY stair runner

What do you think?!

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