Friday 29 January 2021

What's on my toddlers tablet - Our top 5 apps!

 Since the girls got their Amazon fire tablets* (affiliate link) for Christmas, I've had quite a few people ask me what apps they have on them, particularly Roma. She is our youngest and is nearly 2.5 years old and I thought I'd share what games she can do herself, that are educational, as well as fun.

The main games she enjoys are all by Dr Panda. We have most of them, there are around 30 I think from what I could see but her favourites are -

Dr Panda Supermarket

Dr Panda supermarket app review

This is her absolute favourite and we play it most afternoons/evenings. As suggested, this is set out in a supermarket scene and there are 10 mini games within it. You can help find customers what's on their list and out it in their trolley, help organise the warehouse, sort all the rubbish into the correct recycling bins, scan the shopping and sort the money into their correct compartments in the till and clean up any messes. The first few times we played it, I had to show her what to do with each mini game but now she can do it independently.

Dr Panda Airport

This is a very similar concept to the supermarket, but it is an airport. The mini games in this include stamping passports with the matching shape, finding items in the lost and found cupboard and giving each character the correct bag from the baggage claim.

Dr Panda Restaurant

Within the restaurant you get to make each characters correct food - whether it be pizza, smoothies, soup, toast etc, clean the tables and out new cutlery down and also wash up the plates in the kitchen. 

Toca Pet Doctor

This is essential a vets game, you have a big waiting room full of injured animals and click on each one to help them. It varies from wounds on their ears that you need to put Plasters on, a worm who is tangled up and you need to untangle, a dog with fleas and you have to pick them all out etc. She loves it and again can do this one independently now! 

Hungry caterpillar shapes and colours

This is really good for various different ages, you can different games for a different aspect of learning such as shapes, colour shades, patterns etc. My toddler can do some of the easier once matching the simple shapes but my nearly 5 year old also loves this app too, on the harder options, such as putting shades of colour from lighter to darker etc. and the more advanced shapes. This is probably the most 'traditional' learning app in terms of learning things from the curriculum. 

So that's our top 5 apps, I hope you found it helpful & don't forget to share it with your friends if you think they'd find some of these helpful for their toddlers too!

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