Saturday 3 October 2020

Autumn home decor updates

 As you know, Autumn is my favourite season and I was so excited to this year, finally have a mantel to decorate now the fireplace is finished. I dug out the decor box from the attic (well, my husband did!) and had forgotten about so many things I already had. I only spent £2 on the little orange heather plant from B&M this year, everything else I already had from previous years for the mantel.

The tall candle holders are from B&M years ago and the glass pumpkin is from TK Maxx a few years ago too and I love it. My pumpkin spice candle is also from B&M and the heather as I said. The 'Be Nice' sign was a gift for my birthday in June from family, it is from Peach & Beet on Etsy but I loved the colours, they go so well in this room and the quote is something we all need to remember a bit more ;) 

The pillar candles are from poundland. They're more a subtle peach colour too and are vanilla scented. When I burn them in the evenings with the pumpkin spice, it smells so good!

I haven't got much in the kitchen to be honest, I haven't found anything I really love this year. The shops seem to be sparse on Autumn decor. I did add 2 little pumpkins to my shelf, I actually made these out of old baby clothes one afternoon when we were stuck in and bored! I think they turned out cute but I am still on the hunt for some ceramic or glass ones so they last over the next few years.

I don't have much on the breakfast bar because the girls take over it and just move everything out of the way anyway. But I did pick this leaf tray up that I showed in my charity shop haul. I was unsure wether to spray it gold or not, so far I have left it brown and I think it works well with the colours on my shelf the other side of the kitchen.

I added another pumpkin candle I dug out from last year and a little marble vase, I think this was from Primark years ago too. I need to get some little Autumn stems to put in it! Something like this. The girls then collected leave and acorns to put around it bless them. I like them to be involved so I've left it!

Our bedroom is still in need of the wardrobe being done and a new floor, but I did rearrange this little corner in order for it to look a little nicer. I got these cushions and this knitted throw from Chickidee in the sale, they were still a bit expensive but I know I will get these out every year for my Autumn decor so it was worth it! 

I wanted it be subtle, I always keep the bright oranges for closer to Halloween when I go all out with the decor... that blog post will be coming soon! 

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