Sunday 4 October 2020

3 things that helped streamline school mornings

We are 2 weeks into the new school routine for this year so far and I know it's early to say, but so far we have found it to be less stressful than last year. It might be their ages, they are obviously another year older but we have implemented some things which I think have helped me in particular, stay less anxious and stressed. 

I used to wake up, jump out of bed and be rushing around straight away because I felt like I had so much to do before we even left the house. Read on to see how I have found more a balance.


1. Prepping the night before

I've heard this so much but never really bothered, I didn't think it could make that much of a big difference but trust me, IT DOES! I now do lunchboxes the night before, as well as putting a wash on and making sure the dishwasher/sink is empty. Not waking up to those 3 things to face makes the world of difference. The washing is ready to be hung out or put in the tumble first thing, the dishwasher is empty ready for all the kids to put their breakfast bowls in and lunchboxes just need to be put in the bags. It saves so much time and stops me stressing and feeling overwhelmed before I've even woken up properly.

2. Buying 5 sets of uniform

I understand this one may be pricey depending on your situation, how many kids you have etc, but if you can budget for it, it has made the world of difference. Last year, Sienna only had 2 sets of uniform so I was always stressing about if they had been washed and dried, ready for when she needed them. We were always rushing around in the mornings, realising her cardigan hadn't been washed etc. Now every Sunday, I set out all their uniform for the week in a shoe organiser I got and it makes getting ready a breeze.

3. Having 'charts' for the girls - Jordan Page style

In a bid to get more organised in every aspect of my life, I have become obsessed with Jordan Page's videos on YouTube. She shared a 'chore chart' that she does for her kids and we started doing it - absolute game changer! The girls used to waltz downstairs in their pjs early in the morning, put the TV on and then it was so hard to get them to move and get them ready for school. Now they have a chart that they have to complete before they come downstairs - it is pretty basic, make your bed, get dressed, clean your teeth and tidy your room a bit (if it's SUPER messy). It just helps them get it done first thing before they come down for breakfast and start watching TV or colouring - they love to feel organised and productive like me so they love ticking of their list.

Implementing these things means when I wake up, I know all I have to do now is get them fed breakfast, pop their lunch and snack in their bag and get myself & Roma ready. Before I had the dishwasher and washing to do and the battle of asking them 1038 times to go and get dressed before we're late. I found it very stressful! Now I am much more relaxed in the mornings and the extra times had meant I have even managed to squeeze a 10 minute workout in some mornings - absolute bonus! 

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