Tuesday 29 September 2020

My Make-up products!

Every time I ask for video ideas, over on my YouTube, my make-up routine is often requested! I never find time to film it so I thought I'd share the make-up products I use in a blog post instead.

It's fairly standard if I'm honest, I could probably do it in 5 minutes if I needed too and I've done the same routine for years and years. My skin is very temperamental and prone to acne and break outs, so I use products I know my skin will not react too.

Products used:

Estee lauder doublewear foundation,
Clarins instant light concealer,
Too faced bronzer,
KiKo blusher, 
The Body Shop eyebrow kit,
Rimmel eyeliner 
Rimmel wonder'fully real mascara,

More often than not, my lipgloss is Revlon Super lustrous the gloss in 'Kiss me coral'. I normally don't wear eyeshadow, but if I'm in the mood for some, I use the Benefit duo eyeshadow in 'bronze' or I love using my Smashbox full exposure palette too! 

There's no special way I apply it, I use my hands and fingers for everything except blusher and bronzer! I just slap it on and blend away ;) 

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