Friday, 6 December 2019

Elf Hunt at Farringtons 2019!

Last weekend, we visited Farrington's farm park for their Elf hunt. We're big fans of Farrington's already, it's usually where we go to the pumpkin patch and we've always thoroughly enjoy a day out there. We went along with all 3 girls and at ages 7, 3 and 15 months, they all enjoyed it, as did we.

elf hunt at farringtons 2019

They all enrolled in 'Elf academy' and had to be equipped with a jingly elf hat and rosy red cheeks which was super cute, Roma still loves wearing her elf hat round the house.

There were introductions from the Elves and then tasks they had to check off their list before completing the elf hunt & getting a certificate and prize. We went into different rooms with different activities in; making reindeer food and planting a candy cane plant.

 The activities were fun but I did have a bit of a task getting the younger 2 to listen and play by the rules. They much preferred the elf hunt where they got to run around outside looking for the elves and finding the answers to jokes.

The elves were up to some pretty cool stuff and made the girls laugh a lot which was fun and kept them amused! Sienna especially loved ticking off her list to ensure she got a certificate at the end!

After the elf hunt (which was pretty freezing) we headed to the fire with festive hot chocolates and marshmallows to toast! The perfect way to warm up; you can tell I am in my happy place here ;)

 IF that wasn't enough fun, there was a craft tent at the end where children could write letters to Santa, make reindeer tree decorations & there was also some fun festive photo props and a photo frame as a bit of a selfie station. Very fun! 

We found it a lovely festive day and was pretty good for our age range of children. We will definitely be looking to go back next year I think!

 Kerry X

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