Wednesday 23 September 2020

Pros and Cons of a 2 year age gap!

Roma & Aria are a year closer in age than Sienna and Aria. Aria was just 22 months when I found out I was pregnant and 2.5 years old when I gave birth. Without a doubt, the age gap has been tougher than the first time round with a bigger age gap. Aria wasn't as independent at 2.5 as Sienna was at 3.5 obviously, which made juggling the two when Roma came along, difficult to say the least. It often felt like we actually had twins at some points and we referred to them as twins as well haha.

Here's my pros & cons of a 2 year age gap (in our experience):

- both still nap so you do get a break in the day time (if you time it well),
- as they get older they can play together and have similar interests,
- they can enjoy 'joint' toys, activities or days out together,
- you can match their clothes most of the time,

- 2 in nappies/pull ups day and night (some toddlers may train early but we didn't have that),
- 2 waking in the night,
- jealousy from the toddler as they may not understand,
- 2 at home 24/7 with no break (until pre-school starts),
- double the clean up at meal times as both are so messy,
- bedtimes are hard as both are tired at the same time and get grumpy,
- toddler not as gentle with the baby as they don't quite understand,
- need a double pushchair!

What would you say the pros and cons are? What's your age gap?

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