Friday 29 November 2019

Home updates so far - November 2019 (9 months on)

Happy Friday everyone! Long time no speak on my blog but I am trying to bring it back now I am out of the baby stage with Roma. She is now 15 months old, so very much in toddlerville. It's easier in some ways yet harder in other ways but I am hoping to find slots of time to be able to blog again as I have missed it so much!

For today's post, I thought I would do some before and afters of the house so far - we are 9 months into renovating and we now have every room functional (although not 100% finished). It is maybe slower than other peoples but we are doing ours on a budget- month to month and with 3 kids so honestly what do you expect? haha!

Ok so on with the photos as that's what you're really here for, right?!

Firstly, here is our whole empty house tour before we started anything:

I'll start with the kitchen as that has had the most drastic change! Here is the before photos:

and this is how it's looking now (a video was easier to show):

We had to remove the chimney breast to fit our range cooker into it and so it was safe, we decided to move the chimney stack from the whole house! I will do a separate blog post on this as it was a big just, took a long time and I have a lot of photos! But it was worth it, we are so happy with how our kitchen is looking. It's obviously not finished - we need to finish the tiles (we are doing them ourselves) and get new skirting boards etc.. but it's miles better than it was before and how I imagined it would be!
The bathroom hasn't changed - we haven't touched it at all as it wasn't the biggest priority on our list and was useable. We do have plans for it in the future but for now it's doing just fine! 

Our fireplace before:

and now:

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I love it! I've always wanted a fireplace, especially at Christmas to hang the girls stockings and this year I can. We did the brick surround with Kuci Design brickslips - we went for the Old Lambeth Blend as I love a rustic look and I am so happy with how it turned out. They were great quality and were really easy to use - plus they look so effective! Our surround was from B&Q and we are yet to sort out the hearth as we can't decide what to do there but again it's getting there and looking so much better than before!

The other biggest change is Sienna's room - the was also a big makeover as the corner of the chimney breast was in the corner of her room so it was a building site for a while and she was sharing Aria's room. The chimney was removed, we had to plaster board and replaster the corner and we also moved the loft hatch from the hallway to this corner too - it made sense as the hallway is not the widest to get up and down and we had a whole in the ceiling already!


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The other side of her room before:


It needs some finished touches again so when each room is done I will do full blog posts on them!

The outbuildings have not been touched - we are hoping to turn those into a playroom for the kids at some point. We were hoping next year however the quote came in at over double what we thought so we may have to wait a bit longer or do most of the work ourselves which will also take a long time between normal life with 3 kids!

Bathrooms have not been touched either and our bedroom is a dumping ground!

We have done quite a lot of DIY throughout the house to keep costs down so I am hoping to blog about some of those over the next couple of weeks.

Hope you enjoyed these before and afters and look forward to the next house post!

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