Thursday 21 March 2019

6 months of 3 sisters

It's been a whirlwind the past 6 months, Roma has slotted into our family so easily and it has absolutely flown by! I remember the day we bought her home like it was yesterday. The two eldest girls have been amazing, just as I always knew they would be. 

Aria has really surprised us at how loving and affectionate she has been towards Roma, from the beginning until now. There was a slight spell of jealousy but it was mainly directed towards me, not Roma. She has never been too rough with her or said she doesn't want her here.

Both girls are more than amazing big sisters, Roma is a very lucky little sister. They've wanted to hold her and rock her since day one. If she starts crying they immediately start singing to calm her down, they 'shh' her and stroke her face in the gentlest way. They love sharing experiences with her when we're on day out, showing her colours and teaching her animal noises. 

I am so very proud of them and so very grateful they are mine. I couldn't wish for better daughters!


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