Friday 1 February 2019

Baby's first snow day!

I haven't blogged much this year and I miss it. Today we aren't vlogging for our family YouTube channel but I still wanted to document it so thought I'd whip up a quick blog post.

We had lots of snow overnight, I woke up in the night with Roma and had a peek out the window and knew the school would be closed as it was snowing heavily and settling, there was already a good inch or two.

The girls were so excited and were outside at 6:10 in the snow! I'm not sure if Aria can remember it from last year so she was extra excited. As soon as we were ready we all bundled up for a little snow walk to check it out!

Roma wasn't really sure what to make of it bless her. To be honest it was so windy it was blowing all in our faces and eyes which I don't think she liked!

She loves being snuggled up to Daddy though!

We took a little walk up too the field and it was a blanket of pure white - not many people had been out in it yet. The girls were loving how the park looked covered in snow! Unfortunately my family photo was blurry from the snow whizzing everywhere but never mind - it still adds to the memories! The field was so windy it was like a blizzard up there so we soon walked back!

We stopped in the coffee shop on the way back because why not? Hot chocolates & cake to warm us up! Look at the lines on my forehead from my hat haha - I think it's a bit tight!

Such a fun morning - I wish I'd got Roma a snowsuit so she could have fully embraced the snow but I'm not she'd be that keen anyway!


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