Tuesday 8 January 2019

Things I thought I'd never do as a Mother


Before we have kids, we all have an image of what kind of Mother we will be. But when you are actually thrown into Motherhood, you sometimes find yourself doing things you said you would never do. Sometimes it's to make life easier for yourself as you didn't realise it would be so hard or sometimes because you have changed your opinions on things over time.

Most of these things I didn't do with my first, I 'stuck to my guns' so to speak.. but it changed by the time I had my second child. I'm not sure if it was my parenting style that changed or just the fact they are all such opposite personalities.

Here are 5 things I never thought I'd do as a Mother!


I always thought baby wearing was a 'bad habit'.. that your child would get used to being with you all the time and not be confident without you but that is not the case at all. Research has actually found that baby wearing can help advance them developmentally as by watching you, they learn language and non-verbal cues. I have absolutely love wearing my babies, not only is it good for the cuddles it also gives me my hands back to be able to do things around the house at the same time.


This is a controversial subject but I never thought I'd breastfeed. I knew I'd give it a go as research had shown it was the best, but the thought of a baby feeding from me made me cringe a little bit, even though I knew it was the most natural thing in the world and what they were meant for... Now I'm on nearly 5 months of feeding my third baby and don't plan to stop anytime soon if I can help it!

Amber anklet

Before having my first baby I had seen people using the amber necklaces and amber anklets and I never thought I'd use one. I was a bit sceptical of it all, I felt like it was a bit 'hippyish' and they wouldn't work anyway. However, we tried it for teething and found it amazing! It was a must have item with my first baby, I used to be able to tell if it had fallen off her sock as she would suddenly change from content and happy to crying! We've used it with all of our girls and now it's my number one item for teething!


Just like babywearing, I swore I would never co-sleep as it was another bad habit to form and would be hard to break. We didn't really have any need to co-sleep with our first.. she slept through from 12 weeks and transition to her own room and then a toddler bed perfectly. Our second was the total opposite though.. (do you see a theme here?!). She needed a lot more cuddles and reassurance, she'd only sleep on me or holding my finger for the first few months and as I was breastfeeding, it was just easier to co-sleep! We of course made sure to do it safely and cut the risks as much as we could. Now again with my third, we didn't plan to co-sleep but it has just been best for all of us to get some kind of sleep! In fact last night they were both in our bed...!

Matching clothes

I have 3 younger brothers and growing up, my mum used to dress them in the same clothes. I always swore that I would never do that with my kids but to be honest, I never thought I'd have girls! Now that I have 3, I just can't help but match at least 2 of them, it's so cute!  

What do you do, that you never thought you would as a Mother?


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