Friday 30 November 2018

Newborn must haves - third time round!

I have done these posts with the other two girls & I always think they come in handy if you're an expecting or new mum. I used to love reading these posts myself & third time round we have a few different products so I thought it would be worth doing one last 'newborn must haves' before I hang up my apron having newborns! haha!

GroSnug (gifted)

The Grosnug by The Gro Company is a sleeping bag & swaddle in one and it's amazing! Roma wears one everynight without fail because if she doesn't - she sleeps awfully! It makes her feel safe and snug & keeps her warm so I can see why she's happier in this. This is probably my number one item because if anything makes having a newborn a little bit easier - it's a few hours of solid sleep!

Doona Carseat (gifted)

Doona carseat review

My number one item has got to be the Doona carseat. I have used it every single day since having Roma and it is SO much easier! I can't stress how much stress and worry it has taken off my mind, knowing I don't have to wake her up & get her out her warm cosy carseat on the school runs. Especially in this awful weather we have at the moment! It is an investment but if you're constantly in and out of the car like we are it is totally worth it! I am planning on doing a full review of this but you can see my Doona unboxing & first impressions here!

I wasn't sure wether to included this or not as I haven't been overly impressed with it. However compared to a moses basket a crib style is working for us.. so I guess a co-sleeper in general has been handy not specifically this particular one. It's much easier when breastfeeding and putting Roma in & out, I also love that I can reach across and feel her or see her without sitting up in bed. However.. I thought it was going to be level with the bed so I could easier slide her in and out of bed but I can't. The mattress is level with our bed but the side come down that far so I still have to lift her up and over it instead of sliding her across. I also can't feed her while led next to her in it as again the material gets in the way. I am a bit disappointed as it was around £180 when I bought it & it hasn't been exactly what I thought it would be. 

myHummy (#AD)

Just like Sienna, Roma is a big fan of white noise & most of the time it can settle her instantly so we have been so grateful for the myHummy! It looks so cute as a teddy in her bed or carseat but it also 5 different sounds to choose from - hairdryer, vacuum cleaner, rainfall, ocean waves and amniotic fluid with heartbeat. The sounds goes for 60 minutes & then fades out or you can have it on non stop as well. It also has a cry sensor so will come back on automatically if it detects your baby waking or crying which is brilliant - sometimes it has got Roma back to sleep before I've even sat up in bed! I also love that it it machine washable, major plus point for mums!

Shnuggle bath

Lastly the shnuggle bath has been amazing! We're still using it now as I prefer to bath Roma separately when the older two are in bed so it's more relaxing for her & this means I'm not filling the whole big bath twice. It also has a comfortable back rest & a little bum seat for them to rest on -  meaning I can manage to hold her with one hand and wash her with the other. It just makes it a whole lot easier & stress free to do on my own. If you are pregnant with your second or third etc. baby, I would recommend a whole separate baby bath like this instead of just a bath seat for the big bath. You will save water & stress!

What were your must haves?!


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