Friday 5 October 2018

BabyCrate mini crib review

I'll be honest, when I first got an email about the BabyCrate and an offer for one to be sent for us to review, I wasn't keen on the idea and took a good few weeks to reply. I didn't really see what we'd need it for when we had a moses basket and a swing.

BabyCrate mini crib review

The BabyCrate is 100% natural and made from high quality materials. It is a portable, certified safe sleep solution for newborn babies, which is designed to become a useful and fun toy box as your baby grows. This was successfully crowdfunded on so we thought we'd give it a go and see what it was like. 

The BabyCrate is made of solid FSC-certified pine lightly treated with a water-based lacquer.
The mattress pad is pure, 100% natural caoutchouc, covered with thick organic cotton to ensure optimal firmness without toxic offgassing. The brand offer free personalisation for the Crate and you can buy it as a stand alone crate or with the comprehensive starter set for a new baby. This set includes Organic Baby Sleepsuit, Organic Cotton Newborn Baby Bodysuit, Organic Cotton Newborn Long Sleeve Bodysuit, Organic Baby Mittens, Organic cotton cream receiving blanket, Organic Cotton Short Sleeve T-shirt, Organic Cotton Beanie Hat, Organic Cotton Velcro Bib, Large Organic Cotton Muslin Squares 70cms x2, Untreated birchwood teething toy, Untreated birchwood horsehair brush, Stainless steel baby nail clippers, Stainless steel baby nail scissors and Organic Cotton Hooded Towel.

When the Crate arrived I loved the look of it and it was quite a bit bigger than I thought it was going to be.  I was also impressed with quality and the mattress seems really comfortable and thicker than a moses basket mattress too. I popped Roma in it when she was just a couple days old and she slept really well for a good few hours - she must have liked it!

Since then, we have used it most days over the past 7 weeks and love it. We have used it way more than we thought we would - Roma seems to prefer it to her swing some times and I feel like it protects her a bit more from the dog & little toddler fingers who sometime like to poke her face when she's in the swing, haha!

It looks really stylish in our living room and is easy to move from room to room with us. I even put it on the table so I feel like she is involved with the girls too. I think it's such a fab idea, I really love it and would highly recommend it if you're pregnant or have a newborn already!


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