Friday 19 October 2018

Adjusting to life with 3! (AD)

Roma is now 2 months old and I probably keep saying this but it has been easier than we imagined - most of the time! Roma is such a dream baby - she eats well and sleeps well and I feel like she has fitted into our lives so well so far.

Of course we have the hectic moments where all 3 kids need something at the same time or the two younger ones are both crying at the same time but those moments generally pass quickly and then I'm able to calm them down and see to everyone's needs again.

Aria doesn't seem to be jealous towards Roma at all - in fact she is the opposite to what we thought she'd be. She is very loving and affectionate (as is Sienna of course!) however I think she is still struggling with the transition of becoming an older sister and not having my one on one time anymore - her behaviour has definitely worsened and she isn't listening to anything we say. Everything is a bitt of a battle as she is fighting for attention but hopefully if we keep working with her, it will just be a phase that passes!

I do feel like things have got a bit more hectic in the past 2 weeks or so though - Roma doesn't sleep as much during the day as she used to the first month of so and my work has picked up a little bit - which I'm very grateful to be able to do around the girls but it can get a bit chaotic and stressful a times. 

I've also found myself thinking I need to get my life admin together a bit more - which is something I'm quite bad at. I need a massive diary to keep track of everything now Sienna is doing ballet and after school clubs. 

3 kids does at times seem like a massive responsibility and I find myself awake at night worrying about the future. I am a blogger/'influencer" and YouTuber full time to ensure I can contribute to my families finances but as it is a self-employed basis I often worry about it more than I probably would if I had a 'normal' job. 

All of my work is online and 'out there' and we share a lot of our lives online. I worry if anything ever happens to me in the future - what would happen to my 'online' life? I'd like to know my career legacy is covered if anything unfortunate was to happen to me. SunLife has some more useful information on this if you’re interested in finding out how to secure your digital legacy like I am to put our minds at rest!

Overall, we have adjusted quite well I think, I'm learning to not overthink everything as that just makes everything seem worse. We are all still alive and happy 2 months in so it can't be that bad!

How did you transition to 3 kids?


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