Tuesday 25 September 2018

One month old photos!

It has taken me so long to get this blog post done as Roma is now almost 6 weeks old but I really wanted to share these photos we got to document her first month of life! I wanted to do another little DIY photoshoot.. our last one was when I was pregnant at the Somerset Lavender farm. I had planned on going back and recreating them with her in my arms instead of bump but we'll have to do that next year now!

I love how these turned out in the end, originally I was just going to get photos of the girls in the new dresses from Next, however at the last minute decided I wanted some too. Funny story - I actually went to Newlook to get this jumpsuit so my outfit tied in with the girls as I was wearing grey and that just didn't look nice haha! 

As well as photos of us with Roma, I always wanted to get some of just the girls to document what they were like when Roma was a month old. This one above is one of my favourite photos, they're so similar yet so different in looks and personality, I can't wait to see which one Roma is going to be like or if she's going to be totally different again.

This first month with her has honestly been the best, she is such a dream and my heart is full of even more love which I didn't think was possible. The girls absolutely adore her as well - I was worried of jealousy especially from Aria but she is so loving and caring, it's bought tears to my eyes more than once as I just didn't expect it from her. I love that it's bought that side of her out even more.

Sienna has been amazing too, she is so helpful and just a mini mummy to Roma when I am busy or need 2 minutes to have a wee haha! She loves to hold her all the time, wipes her face when she's been sick and has even changed a few nappies. She also loved feeding Roma my milk in a bottle - I've never seen her face light up so much!

Happy one month our sweet cherub, we love you with all our hearts!

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