Thursday 9 August 2018

Pros and cons of a 3 year age gap!

I have been asked what I think of the age gap I have between my girls, more than how well my baby sleeps so I figured it would be a pretty popular subject. I always wanted a smaller age gap.. that's why we originally started trying for another baby just before Sienna's first birthday however, now we have such a big age gap, I can't imagine how much harder it would be! Some days I do still wish it was smaller and they were closer in age but other days I really love it. Here's my pros and cons of why!

-The eldest one can help getting change of clothes or more wipes etc when you need them,
-The eldest can entertain themselves (for the most part) when you're busy with the baby,
-The eldest can also go to the toilet & wipe their own bum.. you don't have 2 in nappies!
-The eldest gets a bit less messy when they're eating so you don't have double the clean up,
-The eldest understands a bit more, especially in the first few months why you can't see to them immediately like you used too so is an easier transition for them and you,
-I can trust Sienna with Aria while I quickly pee as she knows not to feed her crayons or dirt,
-The eldest is in pre-school so you get one on one time with baby,
-The eldest has less jealousy towards the baby and more enjoyment as they understand more,
-The eldest is more gentle with the baby as again they understand that hitting them will hurt and baby will make that horrible scream they hate ;)
-You can sit and watch the eldest one play while you snuggle the baby,

-The eldest doesn't nap anymore so on half terms you don't get a full break where they both nap,
-The eldest has 'small toys', especially lego which is such a choking hazard so we strictly have to keep them upstairs,
-Not all stores offer matching/co-ordinating clothes as 2-3 years is normally the biggest for the 'baby range'. Of course this is personal, if you don't like matching clothes it doesn't matter!
-They have different bedtimes so you have to do the routines separately. It feels like double the work!
-Double the toys as there isn't many of Sienna's toys that are suitable for Aria,
-They're into different toys.. Sienna's trying to build the blocks and Aria tearing it down to eat it, it's hard for them to play together,
-The eldest is super inquisitive and doesn't stop asking questions on top of the baby screaming, there's noise all the time...
-It's hard to have any 'calm' time before a nap or bed as the eldest one is crazy and loud 24/7,
-Baby always seems to have a cold as the pre-school germs are always around,
-You're stretching out the new born days.. you just catch up on sleep and get used to the eldest one being independent and bang you're back to a newborn that needs you 24/7. For me this was so hard to adjust too, I forgot how hard a baby and needy a baby was!
-On family outings now Aria wants to play, I'm normally torn between Sienna running off on the 'big kids bit' and keeping Aria in the baby bit. It's hard to keep an eye on them both. Especially at soft play!

What would you say the pros and cons are? What's your age gap?

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