Thursday 12 July 2018

Mum style clothing haul! (AD)

I'd say my mum style is quick classic and lots of stripes which seems to be popular with lots of mums too for some reason! After having Aria, I lived in jeans and a striped tee pretty much all year round. I have only recently got into dresses - being pregnant and with the UK heatwave giving us the hottest temperatures I've experienced, I have had no choice but wear dresses as they were the only thing just about keeping me cool!

This dress is the latest one I have added to my collection from Lighthouse Clothing. It is not maternity however as it's quite a stretchy material it does fit over my bump. It's been nice to wear something other than the 4 striped dresses I've been rotating over the past few weeks. I love the material of this it is so comfortable and I love the spots and big pockets too. Every mum knows that clothing with pockets is a winner haha! I'm hoping I don't stretch this out too much so that I'm also able to wear it post-partum.

Speaking of post-partum, I also got a few other bits from Lighthouse Clothing that I am keeping for after the baby and more into the Autumn.

 As I mentioned, a good striped tee is a basic for me and these are such good quality and easy to throw on, so I got all 4 colours that they offer! I love the red and multi stripe one to mix it up from navy and white.

Lastly, I got another raincoat. I already have a yellow one and a navy one but this time I went for pink.. I'm all about the pink at the moment considering I'm going to be a mum of 3 girls soon haha! This is so lightweight & I really like how pale and subtle the pink is. It's also the perfect 'mum length'.

*Thank you Lighthouse Clothing for sponsoring this post.

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