Wednesday 25 July 2018

Low cost craft idea with Post Office (ad)

We had such a fun summer last year when Sienna was on our 6 week holidays however I do remember spending a lot more money than I anticipated! All the little costs add up when you're out all day everyday and I have been looking at ways to save money this year. 

The Post Office Parent’s summer spending report has shown that the cost of entertaining kids has increased by 25% in the last year as parents splash out to beat the heat. As the summer holidays begin, parents across the UK are expecting to spend £7.8 billion entertaining their children this summer – an average of £594 per parent which is crazy!

While over half of parents (55%) think they have saved enough money to cover the cost of the school holidays – on average they are only saving 53% of the average cost of the summer which is £316 and 1 in 4 parents put their saving habits on hold while they entertain the children over summer - I know I have!

One thing my girls absolutely love doing is crafting of any kind - wether it's colouring, cutting, glueing, or making things they really thrive doing it. I've been searching Pinterest for low cost craft ideas or better yet - ideas we can do with bits our of our craft supplies in the garage so it costs nothing. 

After a little search, we found this flower bunting using lolly sticks and paper cupcake cases which most of the items we already had but you could easily pick these up cheaply from somewhere like hobby craft or the poundshop! 

We decided to go for the flower bunting as it isn't too difficult but allows their creativity to flow. They also love 'decorating' at the moment and putting their stamp on things so the fact they got to decorate the fence with it was a win and they were excited.

They love simple crafts like this and now are determined to decorate the rest of the fence over the summer with other ideas which suits me fine - it keeps them occupied and adds colours and personality to the boring garden fence!

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Do you have any low cost ideas for summer?!

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