Wednesday 25 July 2018

How to Make Your Garden the Ideal Family-Gathering Space

Losing someone is devastatingly hard. Memorial benches are a way to spend quiet time reflecting and remembering. And your garden could be the ideal place for one in which family and friends are all welcome. And here’s how. 

Sad but uplifting 

For many relatives and friends, a memorial space starts out as somewhere sad but soon turns into a space where spirits are lifted. 

This is because as grief marches relentlessly on, the good memories of yesteryear and everything about the person starts to filter through, like rays of warms sunshine through grey clouds. 

And there is nothing better than watching the rays of the sun fall on memorial benches, a reminder perhaps of the people gone and the love they left behind. 

Finding a suitable site for your memorial bench can prove just as much of a headache as what to have written on the plaque itself. 

Public spaces 

Many people choose to place the memorial bench in a public space where anyone and everyone can enjoy it. For many people, it is an opportunity for them to share the character and the personality of their loved one with the world, with a plaque highlighting a pertinent message. 

But finding the right spot is made more difficult by the local council not being able to accommodate requests for memorial benches, especially at popular spots and areas. 

Your garden 

Another great option is your garden. And there are many benefits to this; 
You don’t need to seek permission 

Add a garden bench to your outdoor space is easily done and not something you need to seek permission for. 
Add different accessories 

With memorial benches at public locations, apart from a plaque, there are few others accessories you will be allowed to add. Some family members add a bunch of flowers around the anniversary of their passing but other than that, the memorial bench remains looking plain. 

In your garden, you can accessorise to your heart's content. Why not grow their favourite plants close by so you can smell its sweet scent when you take a moment to sit there? 

Add cushions and a throw to make the bench feel and look more homely and comfortable. Paint it any colour you want! Add candles in storm lanterns or drape pretty string lights in the background to give it a little character. 
Access it any time 

Grief has a habit of tightening its grip when we least expect it. And with the memorial bench in your garden, you can meet this tirade of emotions head on but quietly, sitting and reflecting in the positive space you have created to remember your loved one. 
The feeling of someone always being ‘with’ you 

For many us, the sense of the person always being there is one that comforts us. How many of us have found ourselves talking to them with the latest family gossip or pieces of news? 

Even if you don’t talk to them out loud, the act of sitting and enjoying the space is comforting, knowing that there is a place you can go and just ‘be with them’ in mind and spirit. 
Can host a specific memorial event 

Some families celebrate the life of their loved one with an event, such as a memorial service, after the funeral. 

For anyone struggling with grief, this is a fantastic way of remembering someone. The funeral is a time of such raw emotion that finding the courage and the belief to ‘celebrate’ is difficult, if not impossible. 

When your beautiful memorial bench arrives, why not enjoy a gathering in your garden, a chance to reconnect with people and to share memories and stories? 
People can take a few moments during family gatherings when it suits them 

Life goes on. Birthdays are celebrated, weddings happen, babies are born and people go on to achieve things, all worthy life events to celebrate and mark with parties and family gatherings. 

If you host these events, people can take a moment or two to sit and reflect on the memorial bench… 
Easier to maintain 

And finally, there are no blurred boundaries about who is responsible for the upkeep of the bench and what is defined as ‘upkeep and maintenance’ – you can maintain the memorial bench in your garden as you wish. 

That could be an annual nourishing treatment of Danish oil or a lick of paint. Or it could be an abundance of ceramic pots filled to bursting with beautiful, colourful blooms – it is your choice! 

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