Thursday 7 June 2018

Why I'm using the Ava fertility tracker during my pregnancy

I have been wearing the Ava Women fertility bracelet to track my pregnancy for the past few weeks and wanted to share my reasons why and thoughts on it. The Ava Bracelet is a fertility tracker for women no matter where they are in life; single, trying to conceive or like me, already pregnant! It tracks your cycles so you can keep in check with your body which is something I like to do, regardless of trying to conceive or not. 

It works by you wearing the bracelet for at least 4 hours while you sleep and it gathers the data to give you more insight on your cycle or pregnancy. Ava’s sensors collect data on nine different physiological parameters; skin temperature, resting pulse rate, breathing rate, heart rate variability ratio, perfusion, movement, bioimpedance, heat loss, sleep, data quality. Ava’s algorithm then detects your fertile window, physiological stress level, sleep quality, and more to give you a good insight to what's going on with your body and cycle.

I've been loving tracking my pregnancy with this as we all know that pregnancy brings symptoms we're not used too or that can be concerning; it's nice to wear my Ava every night so that I can keep an eye on things like my heart rate or temperature. This way even if I feel super hot, I'm having a night sweat or I feel a bit dizzy and faint, my Ava can let me know with a quick glance that all my data is ok and on track, so it is just a weird pregnancy symptom and nothing more to worry about. 

The app also gives you a week by week guide during pregnancy which I have enjoyed checking every morning too and gives me a list of things I should do or start organising which is particularly helpful!

I plan on using Ava post-partum too as my body gets back into the swing of having regular cycles again. We don't want anymore babies so I won't be using it to track my fertile days and Ava is not a contraception method but I still like to know when ovulation and cycles are occurring and what's going on with my body. I tend to get quite bad mood swings and pre-menstrual symptoms so knowing when they are likely to hit is helpful for me (and my husband) to manage them!

When you are not pregnant, you can also log your moods/body symptoms in the app daily as well as periods when they happen and how your flow is. You can also print out your health charts after 1 full cycle and go to a medical professional to discuss any patterns or health concerns you may have which is brilliant.

The Ava bracelet retails at £249 which is quite pricey but I think it is worth it to be in control of my cycles and have that peace of mind to hand, especially through out my pregnancy! 

*In collaboration with Ava Women.
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