Monday 4 June 2018

A birth plan for baby number 3!

Now that we are back from our travels and the 10 week count down to baby is on, I am trying to focus more on getting things organised for the baby and trying to get my head around the fact we are actually having another baby. It sounds odd but as we've been so busy, I don't think it is sinking in that we will have a newborn again soon!

This time around when it comes to our birth plan, I am wanting to try hypnobirthing. I have the digital pack from The Positive Birth Company and I am really liking it so far. It is so informative about how the body works during labour and how you can help your body be relaxed. I wasn't sure if I was going to get on with it, but it's really resonated with me and I can't wait to go into labour and see if it does help me have a positive, more calm experience as I felt I did panic quite a lot with the other two. 

We had considered a home birth but we're just not sure now. My last two births haven't been negative at all, they have both been vaginal deliveries in the hospital and my midwives have always been amazing, so we have never had a bad experience at the hospital in terms of that.

I will always be grateful for the midwives during my labours, they've always believed in me even when my self belief has gone and I am screaming saying I can't do it anymore. 
With Sienna, it was her first birth since becoming a fully qualified midwife and when I delivered Sienna she burst into tears saying I did so well. I wish I could remember her name as I'd love to see if she still worked at Yeovil hospital and take Sienna to meet her! She never got to see her again the next day as we left before her shift started.

We also had an amazing student midwife in with us during Aria's birth.. even though she was a student she basically did everything herself as the other midwife stepped back allowing her to really learn and she honestly did such a great job, even Warren mentioned how good she was. I bet she's an amazing midwife now, we might even get her when we go back this time ;)

I know you can't plan a birth too much, as who knows what will happen, but I'm hoping the hypnobirthing will help keep me calm no matter what happens and I'm positive the midwives will too!


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