Tuesday 12 June 2018

31 week pregnancy update!

32 weeks already! I can't believe we are well into the last 10 weeks of this pregnancy, I feel like it's only just sunk in we're having another baby and now she'll be here before we know it! This week has been pretty busy with lots of blood tests for Cholestasis as I've had some itching at night but thankfully they've come back all clear. I've also had blood tests for the gestational diabetes test and so far I haven't heard anything so I am hoping no news is good news!

I've also started nesting this week, we've ordered new sofas that are due to arrive the same time as the baby and I am slowly working my way through areas of the house decluttering and organising. We are still undecided on where all the girls will sleep though and the whole carseat situation!

How far along? 32 weeks.
Total weight gain/measurements: I don't weigh myself so I have no idea!
Maternity clothes: Still the same as last time, I tend to be wearing my leggings more than jeans at the moment as they are more comfortable and lots of Summer dresses too as its hot at the moment!
Stretch marks? No new ones! I have started using some new products, I use a cream from Love Boo in the mornings, they sent me their lovely Countdown kit which includes a selection of goodies for me and baby girl when she arrives!
Best moment this week: Having my blood tests for the Cholestasis come back all clear! I haven't had a phone call about gestational diabetes either so I think that is all clear too!
Miss anything? Energy! 
Movement: Lots of movement all the time! Really low still, I get lots of lightening crotch when she digs around and it hurts when she pokes her legs out now!
Food cravings: Iced coffee, sandwiches, cake, biscuits.
Anything making you queasy or sick? A little sickness and nausea has come back but not too bad yet!
Gender: Another GIRL!!!
Labour signs: None yet I hope the backache eases off! It's too early! I am wondering if a relaxing massage might help my backache? Click here for a fab Groupon deal if you want to book one too!
Symptoms: Weeing lots, heartburn, thirsty, LOTS of lightning crotch, tiredness, nausea, leg cramps, hot sweats at night....! Soo much back ache and period pain this week.
Belly button in or out? Half out!
Wedding rings on or off? On still!
Happy or moody most of the time? Trying to be happy and stay positive but the lack of energy is getting me down!
Looking forward to: Seeing baby on my scan middle of July and hopefully getting the all clear for a natural birth!

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