Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Your next holiday doesn’t have to be unhealthy

When most people think of going on holiday, they think of a week or more of lazing on the beach, eating indulgent foods, and doing all of the unhealthy things that they wouldn’t do at home - such as living off crisps, full calorie drinks, and having dessert and alcohol every single night. While you can certainly let yourself loose and enjoy your holiday, not every trip you go on has to be unhealthy. This may catch up with you if you travel a lot, and even if you don’t, staying healthy while you travel can actually be a much nicer experience. You should try it! Here are some pointers that will help you to stay healthy while you’re on holiday:
Stay Somewhere With A Kitchen 
If you stay somewhere with a kitchen, you’ll be able to make your own healthy breakfasts and lunches. This is especially good if you’re planning on eating out most night's, as you can make sure your food is more balanced each day rather than eating a ton of saturated fat and simple carbs with each meal. 
Go For Lighter, Healthier Food Options 
When eating out, go for lighter food options. These options are still delicious, you just have to be smart! For example, go for meals that have a lot of vegetables, or better yet, order a huge side of vegetables with your main course so you don’t continue snacking or eating the bread in the middle of the table. Try to stay away from anything fried and go for grilled or baked foods instead. Remember, foods with lots of sauces can often be unhealthy, too. Just do your best to make informed choices! 
Watch Your Alcohol Intake 
It can be tempting to drink a lot on vacation, and having a few is fine, but you definitely shouldn’t be binging every night. If you do this, you’ll feel like you need a holiday to get over your holiday. Drink things like white wine spritzers that are watered down by fizzy drinks, or go for gin and slimline tonic if you want a super low calorie drink. 
Stay Active 
Stay active while you’re away. You can take resistance bands and get a quick workout in your hotel room, or better yet, choose a hotel like the Villahermosa Marriott Hotel that has a fitness suite guests can use. Make the most of your surroundings too by going for a run on the beach or taking long walks! Going on bike tours can also be a great way to explore your location while staying fit. How about going for a swim in the pool or sea too? 
Stop Stressing 
Don’t stress too much about being perfect. You’re away. Enjoy it! Stress will actually be detrimental to your attempts to stay healthy, so if you do have dessert and one too many drinks, don’t worry about it. Just stay hydrated and make healthier food choices the next day. You can still have a wonderful trip without eating and drinking everything in sight!

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