Wednesday 2 May 2018

Scooting safe with ScootWize

Now my girls are getting older, they are loving spending more and more time outside playing with toys, digging mud and learning to ride their scooters and bikes. As they get older, we are also less strict with what time we out and about with them in the evenings, especially at the weekends. One of their favourite things to do is pack up the car with scooters and take them to Grandma's for an evening walk.

We were recently sent some samples of the ScootWize reflectors to try out and see what we thought. ScootWize is a new product launched by ExtraWize who are one of the leading brands in Scandinavia, specializing in safety reflectors. ScootWize is a reflector for scooters and prams that makes them visible to drivers when it’s dark outside, so perfect for our walks around the town after dinner with Grandma and the dog or when we have the pushchair as well!

They're a really simple yet functional and robust design and come in the three colours above. The case around the reflectors is silicone so is really easy to get on and off and easily bends around the scooter or pushchair. It makes them versatile and means they should last a long time and stand up against our unpredictable UK weather, they are also secure and won't come off no matter how fast you go!

The reflectors really do show up when it is dark outside making sure you are seen. We love the 'glowing' one the best as you charge it under any light and it will glow for hours in the dark making you even more visible to drivers.

As a parent, I am always trying to make sure that my children are safe no matter what situation they are in and these are one of the many fab products that help do just that and give me a bit more peace of mind!

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