Saturday, 5 May 2018

JayceeBaby playmat review

Over the years with our girls, we have gone through quite a few playmats. We've had portable ones, sensory ones, car mat ones, messy play ones, toddler ones.. the list goes on! With our third daughter due to arrive in August, I was yet been on the hunt for another playmat. 

When JayceeBaby got in touch and let me know about their 'Perfectly padded playmat', I was intrigued as it seemed to cover all the basis I was looking for in a mat and couldn't wait to give it a whirl. 

The 5cm thick foam padding on this playmat is one of the biggest I've seen which I love. I do find some playmats, especially for newborns are quite thin and can't be that comfortable for a baby led on their back. 

I love the design, it's bright and colourful but still tasteful and has a great variety of sensory textures and sounds for babies to explore teamed with the black and white prints that babies love and engage with. Aria is 2 years old but still loved the baby side as well! 

 The thing I really love about this is thats it's double sided. The other side is a toddler side so it's brilliant for growing with your baby into the toddler years or if like me, you have both different ages at the same time, it can be used for both children. I even think my 5 year old would love the toddler side as well.

The toddler side seemed to really appeal to Aria, she didn't waste anytime setting up her dolls on the mat, putting one on the bus and in the boat and talking to the animals! She couldn't resist having a little jump on it as well to test out the padding ;)

The mat is also provided with a plastic cover that easily pops on over the top - meaning you can turn it into a messy play mat as well which is genius, especially when you have a creative toddler who wants to paint and draw on everything!

 Other key features of the padded playmat are -
-Water resistant: ideal for mopping up dribbles and spills to keep the mat clean and hygienic,
-Machine washable cover that unzips,
-Double Sided: 2 feature packed sides to engage newborn babies up to toddlers,
-Messy play: Detachable plastic sheet can be used on either surface of the mat; use it for feeding, painting, colouring, soft dough and much more!
-Folds up for storage: Use our carry handle system to fold up and store the mat when not in use.

 At £65 this playmat is great value for money and I can really see how you get the value out of it being so versatile for different ages and being fab quality that will last over the years.

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