Tuesday 1 May 2018

Adopting a Dog: Is Your Family Ready for the Challenge?

If you ask veteran dog parents they would all agree that having a dog around delivers a mixed bag of feelings. There is no denying the endless hours of joy and the warm fuzzy feeling that comes with taking care of a dog or a puppy. However, there are also moments of frustration. Walking the dog after a gruelling day at work can quickly become an unwelcome chore.
Getting home a dog should never be an impulsive decision. After the initial days of fun and frolic, a lot of new parents realise how owning a dog impacts their lives. This sudden realisation often results in pet abandonment. According to ASPCA, nearly 3.3 million dogs in the United States enter animal shelters each year, most of them due to abandonment. While some of these dogs get adopted others are euthanised to make room for new dogs.

Be a Dog Lover, Not an Owner by Choosing to Adopt
It’s okay to have breed specifications. Most shelters in the US have mutts as well as recognized breeds. This is why when contemplating getting a dog, it’s best to head towards the nearest animal shelter and not the pet store. The act of adopting a dog takes the thrill of going to a pet shop and buying a breed dog off the table. This way you know for sure that you want to bring home a dog for all the right reasons.
2 Things You Need to Check Before Adopting

Everyone Should Be Ready for the Added Responsibility: Truth be told, hyperactive children who are easily distracted are not a good fit for being dog caretakers. Honestly evaluate the capabilities of your child and try to find out if their want for a pet dog is not just a passing phase. Kids should also be prepared to take on some of the responsibilities. A 10-year-old can be given the task of setting the food out for the dog every day. A teenager, on the other hand, can take on bigger responsibilities such as walking the dog. Adults in the house should be prepared to perform the complicated chores such as vaccinating the dog or taking it to the vet’s office. Buying branded pet meds online and administering them is also a job for the grown ups.
Everyone in the Family Is Comfortable Having a Dog Around: One of the most common reasons for pet abandonment is when a family member says something like “it’s either me or the dog”. This happens when dogs are forced into a family where a certain member is either too afraid of them or dislike them for some reason. Honestly, it’s okay to not like dogs. Some people love snakes, others do not, and that’s okay too. However, it’s not advisable to go against the will of a family member and bring home a puppy. Forcing a dog onto someone when they are clearly not ready is unfair to them and the dog. If everyone in the family is excited about their new furry family member, it’s time to adopt.

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