Wednesday 18 April 2018

Top wine regions in the world

Everyone has a favorite wine, which they occasionally choose to enjoy during a meal. Some people enjoy the taste of wine and take a glass when it suits them. It does not matter your preference be it red, white, or rose wine, the taste of wine is simply exquisite. However, your favorite wine has an origin. Here are some of the top wine regions in the world.

1. France 

When people talk about the most elegant wine in the world and its source, the mention of France is never far behind. France has 10 major wine regions and each region specializes with its wine. The France signature white wine comes from Alsace. The red wine comes from Beaujolais. While in the Bordeaux wine region, wine lovers can find red and sweet dry white wines. The Bordeaux region is vast, and it contains the most substantial number of wine growing areas in France.

2. Spain

Spain is among the top five largest wine producers in the world. Spain has over one million acres that are dedicated to the growth of grapes all over the country. Their grape farms have been a tourist attraction for wine lovers across the globe. In comparison with the wine from France and Italy, the wine from Spain is relatively reasonably priced.

3. Italy

Over the years, Italy was known as the world largest wine producer before France overtook their production. The regions famous for the production of wine in Italy include Tuscany, Sicily and Lombardy. These regions are responsible for the production of a variety of wines for the connoisseur and a casual drinker. However, apart from the three major wine producing regions, other regions in Italy produce wine. Each area produces a distinctive taste of wine because of their different weather conditions and geographical conditions.

4. USA 

The USA is famous for its technology and wine. It is the fourth- largest wine production country in the world. Despite having many wine production regions, there is one region that dominates the wine production industry in USA, California. California contributes to at least 90% of the available wine in the USA. However, areas like Sonoma and Napa are also famed for the production of excellent wine across the world.

5. Argentina

Being the fifth most abundant wine production region in the world, Argentina has established a strong international presence and an excellent reputation for their wine. The area that produces the most wine for Argentina in Mendoza. The unique flavor of wine that the area produces is primarily attributed to the regions high altitude and low-level vineyards. Its unique geographical attributes make the wine taste different and have a distinctive taste in comparison to wine from other parts of the world.

6. Portugal

Portugal is quite famous for its fortified wines. Portugal wines range from the robust red wines to the fruity and light wines. Each wine bottle has a unique, distinctive taste since they are produced in 10 different regions across Portugal.

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