Monday 16 April 2018

Sienna's first year of school

We are fast approaching the Summer which means two things to me this year.. the first being we will be hopefully be welcoming a healthy new baby and secondly, it nearly marks the end of Sienna's first ever year at school. I'd say to us as a family, it is quite a big milestone for a few reasons. The first being that I was so anxious about her going to school that I pretty much begged my husband to let me home school her but he wasn't for it. I knew she was ready and excited to go to school but I never felt like I would be 'content' with her being there. I couldn't imagine being where we are now without that anxiety.

But true to my husbands words (I always need a pep talk from him!) she has absolutely loved it and flourished so much. I have been so impressed with how quick school have taught her to read and write and I'm loving all the little notes she leaves for me around the house. I love her family portraits she draws me and her little stories she tells us when she comes home. 

We have so many pictures that she has done during this year at school and as Sienna and I are quite sentimental, I can't bring myself to throw any of them away. For completing her first year at school and showing her how proud we are of her, I wanted to get her a gift that incorporated these so we could remember how her drawings and writing looked during her first year at school, aged 5!

Snapfish fleece photo blanket review

When I came across the Plush Fleece Photo Blanket on Snapfish, I knew she would love it if I filled it with photos of her drawings and the photo of her on her first day. Creating it and uploading the photos online was actually a lot quicker and easier than I imagined, you can even upload straight from facebook or instagram if thats where your photos are stored. The site works really well and allows you to personalise everything from the background colour, to where the photos are to the font used on the text. You can choose from pre-made layouts and designs or completely design your own complete with embellishments that relate to your special occasion making it even more personal.

Snapfish fleece photo blanket review

It turned out amazing and Sienna absolutely loves it! She is currently snuggled in bed with it as I type this up. The quality of the pictures and photos is so good considering how much bigger they have been made and have been printed onto a fleece blanket.

 I think it's a gorgeous, unique item that we can keep and will be cherished forever with special memories of Sienna's first year at school. I can already picture us in a few years time looking back at it and comparing how much she has changed or how much her writing has improved.

 Snapfish do a range of unique personalised gifts at amazing prices, if you fancy getting something yourself use the code SCHOOLFUN for a whopping 40% off!

*Thank you to Snapfish for working with me and sponsoring this post.

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