Thursday 19 April 2018

Our travel plans revisited for 2018!

I did our travel plans for this year back in January and since then, a few things have changed and we have a few new opportunities that have come up for us (fingers crossed) so I thought I'd share it as these posts are always quite popular.

In my previous post I said we were maybe looking at Eurocamp in Italy however we are now postponing this until after we've had the baby I think. Flights just worked out a bit pricey considering we've already just had an all inclusive hotel in Gran Canaria so we thought it was best to leave this one. Italy is pretty high on our bucket list though, Sienna is desperate to visit Siena haha!

We are still considering Darwin forest for the Autumn.. we're just trying to pluck up the courage to book it knowing we will have a newborn too. We're not sure if it's a good idea to get away with a newborn or bad?!

Portugal was on our list as this is where we went for our honeymoon and we all loved it however we went for Gran Canaria this year as we wanted to try somewhere different. 

However, I am super excited to say that my mum and I are having a little girls break thanks to the wonderful Martinhal Hotels & Resorts. They are putting on their bloggers conference for the second year running and I am so excited to go! We get to try out two of their hotels aswell as attend the conference and do a bit of sight seeing in Lisbon for a couple of days too. I think it will be a nice 4 days break for us, I've not really been sight seeing for a while as the girls normally get tired quickly so it will be nice to have a good walk around and visit places I may not normally get too with the family in tow. 

I have been reading up what to wear to be comfortable for sight seeing and finding out where all the best instagram spots are too ;) I have also made sure to look up how to be safe when sight seeing, hopefully we will be ok as we are aware of it but if you do experience anything, prime criminal laywers are always there to help.

We also might have a couple of weeks experiencing family travelling in May but I don't want to say too much about it yet incase it doesn't happen as it's quite short notice. But we were super excited when we found out about it as it ticks of 5 destinations on our bucket list which would be incredible!

Have your travel plans changed so far?
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