Thursday 5 April 2018

Baby girl's nursery inspiration & ideas!

Now I've had my anatomy scan and everything is looking good, I have finally started buying baby bits here and there and thinking about how I was baby girl's nursery to be. It seems funny but until we found her name I couldn't really settle on a theme or colour scheme I wanted. However, since finding her name I know exactly what 'her colour' is.. mustard! 

As we rent our house, we aren't allowed to put heavy shelves or anything up on the wall so I always try to opt for some prints to add some colour as they don't leave many marks on the wall if you use command strips. I had been searching high and low for the right colours and type of print I wanted but couldn't find anything.. until I found these on Posterlounge

This time around, I want to go more scandinavian with wicker and pine wood instead of everything white like I did in Aria's nursery. I love the mustard but also want to add some hot pink into it as I think they work so well. When I found these prints I just thought they were perfect, I love the abstract design of them! The two above will be her 'main' prints that I will frame and put above her cot to make a feature.

This next little print is so adorable! It fits with the colours I want in her room nicely but I got a smaller size so it can be framed to go on her chest of drawers next to her changing mat or possibly on a wardrobe if we can fit one in. 

Posterlounge also offer prints on other materials such as wood, acrylic and canvas so you are sure to find something that fits your style and home decor.

She is having the office that we currently have and so we won't be starting any work on it until after she is here. She will be in our room for at least the first 6 months anyway so we don't need to rush it. We already have the cot that Aria is in so we will just be reusing that one.. we need to get the older girls bunk beds so Aria can hand it down! Other than that we might just put a chest of drawers in there to begin with. I'm not sure she'll need a full wardrobe? Although looking at the girls overflowing wardrobe it won't be long until she will need one!

I have got a few other decor bits (you can see a sneak peek in the first photo) and some baby clothing too so I will be doing a baby haul over on my YouTube channel if you fancy watching that soon!

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