Monday 12 March 2018

Recycling and reducing packaging waste #TasteWithoutWaste

As a family and even before we had kids, we have always recycled as much cardboard and tins or glass as we could in our recycling boxes however, it is only recently that we have started to worry about the plastic and general waste as a whole - especially excess plastic packaging and food waste.

I am the first to throw something out before the 'use by date' if it's been opened just like 20% of respondents that helped the research for the statistics below. I also tend to throw out lots of leftover food rather than reusing it or freezing it for another day and will always go for convenient ready chopped and packaged foods as opposed to loose foods I have to prepare myself. 

Also as a blogger, I do get quite a lot of packages delivered and most of them have a ridiculous amount of packing when it isn't really necessary. 

I hate to admit it but before December we didn't even really think about the consequences of any of this or even know that we could recycle all our plastic bottles and packaging in our area, we were putting them in the regular rubbish bin! Since seeing so much about waste and plastic on social media and on the news, we have tried our hardest to reduce our waste as a whole and recycle what we can.

Here's a few things we have done to reduce our waste:
-Meal plan so there is less food waste,
-Prep my own meals & veggies instead of buying pre-packaged ones,
-Use leftovers in new meals or freeze extra portions for another day,
-Buy fruit and veg separately from the market, not the supermarket,
-Recycle everything we can,
-Keep old packaging for crafting supplies for the girls or take into schools for them to repurpose.

There are some other fab ideas on reducing waste on the infographic below provided by

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