Monday 19 March 2018

Preparing for baby number 3... and the sleepless nights!

We are now half way through this pregnancy which is crazy! They say every pregnancy goes quicker and it's so true, I guess because you have another child to look after the days go extra fast and before I know it I'm another week down.

I was waiting until my 20 week scan to start buying things just to check everything was ok, especially after our little scare last week but thankfully, everything looks great. We had a male sonographer for the first time and he was amazing. I don't think a sonographer has ever spoken to us in such detail and showed us what we were looking at. We even saw her tongue as she was opening and closing her mouth!

I feel like I can't even remember what we need with a baby this time round, I feel very 'blaise' about buying things but I need to work on a proper list so I am organised! I've done a couple of orders of baby clothes finally as we have nothing left after having Aria.. we either gave it to friends or threw it away as we thought we weren't going through this journey ever again! I will be doing some hauls on my YouTube when they arrive so make sure you're subscribed to see them, I got some real bargains!

We also got the moses basket back last week from Warren's cousin as we let them have it after Aria for their daughter. It was so strange having it back.. I debated putting it in our bedroom already but I know the girls will just play with it for the next 4 months! 

We are really hoping that sleep is better all round with this baby. Aria slept in her moses basket only a handful of times, and only twice at night time as she wouldn't be away from me which was tough. We are in need of a new mattress at the moment and were looking at the memoryfoam mattress from Mattressman as it just sounds so comfy, but we are thinking we should wait until after we have the baby now just incase my waters break while I'm sleeping or something. It's never happened before but it would be just my luck that it would happen on a brand new mattress, haha! 

I am trying to get my full 19/20 week update filmed for my channel this week so look out for that if you want a full update on how the past few weeks of pregnancy have been! 

*In collaboration with mattressman
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