Wednesday, 21 March 2018

How I'm staying healthy this pregnancy #ad

I have mentioned before that this pregnancy has been the healthiest one I've had yet and even though I'm exhausted I'm really trying to focus on staying healthy all the way through. I know that it can be tough to stay healthy during pregnancy and there are so many do and don't that it gets confusing, so here are my tips on staying healthy during pregnancy.

9 tips to stay healthy during pregnancy -

Drink lots of water
The first one is simple and it is to drink lots of water. I found this hard in the first trimester, I stuck to sparkling water which was easier for me to stomach. Staying hydrated is good for you and the baby in so many ways ,not to mention your energy levels too!

Stay active
Many women feel scared of working out during pregnancy and while you shouldn't start any if you aren't used to them, you can stay active. Light swimming, brisk walking and just generally moving and not sitting for too long will all help keep your circulation go, your heart working (but not too hard) and your joints loosened.

Eat healthy fats
Healthy fats are vital all the time, they help you maintain healthy skin, hair and organs and are vital for your baby when pregnant. My favourite is coconut oil, I love the Higher nature flavour free coconut oil as I'm not the biggest lover of the coconut flavour!

After a workout, wether it be a pregnancy yoga class or a brisk 20 minute walk, make sure you refuel! It will help balance your sugar levels and also keep your energy up. My favourite go to is a smoothie with some Higher nature hemp protein powder in it to repair those muscles and keep me fuller for longer.

Sleep is hard as sometimes, especially as you get bigger, it isn't possible to get comfortable but getting as much sleep as possible is really important and will help give you the energy to do a little walk and choose better food choices.

Avoid sugar
Again, this is a hard one depending on your cravings but having a massive sugar spike is only going to cause a crash and then make you feel even worse after,

Load up on veggies
Don't forget about your 5-a-day! If you're not a massive veggie lover, hiding vegetables in things like pasta and soups are a easy way to get them in.

Use the slow cooker
My slow cooker has been a lifesaver for helping me get healthy meals to the table when I'm exhausted. It's so easy and convenient yet takes little preparation. I have been using it so much!

Treat yourself!
Don't get too hung up on being too healthy. Treating yourself every now and then with what you really fancy is good for your soul and mental health!

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