Friday, 16 February 2018

Two years of sisters!

I've been doing these posts every 6 months since Aria was born and I love looking back at them. We all know the days feel so long, some days I barely remember what we did so I love to keep a record of how the girls are getting on and growing up together. 

Since the last time, I'd say the girls relationship has definitely intensified in many different ways. Now that Aria is older, she is understanding emotion a little better and I can tell she loves Sienna and vice versa. When they get on they are like little best friends, cuddling and kissing and helping each and respecting each other, it is so cute. 

When Sienna started school, Aria spent the days calling for her and missing her however now I think she likes it as she's learnt she gets mummy (and the toys) to herself. She has struggled transition to and from Sienna being at school on the weekends and half terms. I don't think she understands why Sienna is home some days and not others and will sometimes find it hard to go back to sharing everything as Sienna is home all day.

I also still feel like they can't quite do the same activities at the same time which is hard, although it is getting better. Aria is slowly able to join in with things like colouring and playdoh but more often than not, it does turn into arguing or snatching as Aria always wants what Sienna has. I think this is a con of having the 3 year age gap.. I feel like they're never quite into the same things or able to play together the same way as the difference is quite big, particularly as Sienna acts much more advanced than her age. Sometime it feels like there is a 8 year age gap!

Sienna is still the doting big sister though no matter how Aria treats her. Her love is totally unconditional and while she does get annoyed, she always says how much she loves her and loves having a little sister. She's always trying to teach her things and trying to help me, she is very excited to start potty training with Aria haha! 

One thing they do both love is being outside though so I am counting the days down to the Summer. We will be at the park or in the woods most days as it where they seem to really play nicely together and let their energy out. 

I'm excited to see how they're relationship will grow over the next 6 months and particularly when the baby comes!


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