Saturday 17 February 2018

To Aria on your second birthday

To my wild one...

This is definitely my favourite age, it was with your sister as well. You are just starting to get your personality really shine through. You are so cheeky yet loving and have been making me laugh with the little things you say. Your speech is getting better and better and you are stringing together 6 or more words a lot. You can tell us exactly what you want all of the time. 

You definitely know your own mind, you are very stubborn and if you don't want to do something, you can't be persuaded into it easily unlike your sister. I love this about you (most of the time) and it's 100% a trait you got from me! Daddy says we are similar in that respect ;) I have to work hard to get you on board with whatever we are needing or wanting to do.

You are fiesty when playing with your sister, often pulling her hair or hitting her in the face but you love her very much too we can tell. You adore her and idolise her most of the time, copying every word she says and every action she does.

Although you seem to want to be just like her, you definitely have different interests to her and what she did at this age. You are very much into playing with toys or balls, your favourite toys at the moment are you Thomas the tank engine train track and your Paw Patrol weebles. Those are your two favourite programmes to watch on the TV too. You're not so into the crafts or drawing yet, much preferring to be outside (no matter how cold it is) or building with blocks or making mummy coffee in your kitchen.

You seem excited about the baby in mummy's tummy although I am apprehensive as to how you'll react when it's here to stay as you are still quite a mummy's girl and I am often still carrying you around everywhere when you refuse to walk and ask me to lift you up!

Even though you are my little limpet I wouldn't have it any other way. I love you with all my heart.

Mummy xxx


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