Wednesday 7 February 2018

Our 5 most memorable holiday moments...

*This post is our entry for Simpson Travel's Ambassador search.. we would absolutely love to win this role as of course we love to travel but we also know that Simpson Travel know how to offer the perfect family holiday whatever we may want for our next adventure!


When I say the word 'holiday' to my husband his face always lights up, immediately picturing sandy beaches, blue seas and cocktails at the bar.. but he is slowly reminded we now have two extra little people who will be tagging along and that our track record of holidays in the past haven't always been as smooth sailing as we'd hoped.

Our worst experience actually happened months before we were even due to go on holiday. We had booked up and paid in full for an all inclusive family holiday, only for the travel company we had booked through to go bust. We lost our holiday and our money.

Luckily my husbands bank came to the rescue as they managed to recover our money. We we're then able to re-book a holiday so in the long run it all worked out ok. It taught us the most valuable of lessons about being careful of who we booked through in future, we always now make sure to look for trusted brands and businesses.

Simpson Travel offers those assurances in abundance, they are ATOL protected, a British Airways approved operator & have accreditation from the association of independent tour operators so we know going away with them would give us peace of mind.

On top of that, we've had some other 'hiccups' along the way, here's our 5 most memorable holidays moments so far...

1. Our first holiday as a couple was to Turkey when we were much younger.. we have great memories of it, we got tattoos done together and still have those 'inside jokes' that still make us laugh to this day. We'd absolutely love to take the girls back there to make some more memories as a family.

2. Next up, a memory that sticks out is our trip to Greece. We had been needing some sun for a while and were really looking forward to it. However we had an unexpected surprise of a positive pregnancy test the day after we landed. I then spent most of our lovely holiday in bed as I felt so nauseous! I remember my husband panicking whilst the hotel & holiday rep were rushing around to find the nearest pharmacy to get a pregnancy test for us, he also missed watching the world cup final that year between Germany & Argentina because he was looking after me in the room! We'd love to go back one day to see more of what Greece has to offer with our girls in tow. 

3. Our third memory is when we stayed in a beautiful private villa in the south of France. We love all the wine and cheese so France was an obvious choice for us to explore! My husband was driving in a foreign country for the first time (interesting experience)...We picked the hire car up from the airport & after lots of swerving, swearing and u-turns we finally made it the villa. We shared this holiday with my mother in law & sister in law which was of course great, but we would love create some more memories with our own little family. Looking back it was so much fun being able to explore and drive around the little towns & villages of France ourselves we would definitely do it again.

4. Number 4, my personal fave, we surprised the girls with the trip of a lifetime to Disneyland Paris!!! They had no clue it was going to happen, we surprised them with a big reveal, jumped in the car & headed to London to catch our flight the following morning. It was truly as magical as it looks in the pictures & we have memories that will last a lifetime. You can see more here

5. Last and by no means least was going on our 'familymoon' to Portugal. It was the day after our wedding, we had an amazing day and stayed overnight at the venue BUT on the morning when we were due to drive to the airport, my husband couldn't find his car keys! The venue staff turned the hotel upside down but they didn't turn up. We eventually found them, they had somehow ended up in our best mans fiancee's handbag, she had got up and gone to work with them.

Luckily a friend volunteered to pick them up from her and drop them to us. We rushed off to the Airport, parked the car, dragged the kids through departures and just made it to our check in desk in time. The familymoon itself was so much fun, the girls were just so happy playing in the pool, water slides, parks and kids clubs we actually managed to get some quality relaxation time fitted in too!

A holiday to us is about the experience as a whole and we know that going with Simpson Travel and their experienced, friendly team will provide us with our best experience and memories yet!

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