Sunday 25 February 2018

My pregnancy workouts #1

I'm am so excited to say I am working out during this pregnancy and loving it. As I'm so into health and fitness when I'm not pregnant - I have always wanted to have a 'fit pregnancy' and keep working out however until this pregnancy, it was never possible.

With the two girls I never did one workout in my pregnancy. The first time round I had severe morning sickness until about 6 months, I couldn't even keep my anti-sickness tablets down from the doctor so needless to say I didn't have energy to workout and nor was working out even on my mind - I was just trying to survive.

With Aria, the sickness wasn't as bad and stopped around 4 months but as she was our 'rainbow' baby after losing Rocco, I felt too scared to workout during my pregnancy as I had pretty bad anxiety and was terrified to even lift Sienna or drink a coffee let alone do a full workout. Looking back I know working out is totally safe during pregnancy and it probably would have contributed to a healthy baby but anxiety is a weird thing and I just knew I'd feel guilty if I did a workout and something happened - I knew I'd blame myself even if it wasn't linked to that.

This time round, the first trimester has been rough but still a touch better than with Aria's pregnancy which is why I've been trying to get in little workouts when I can. I did my first workout at nearly 11weeks and now at 16 weeks I have built it up.

Here's a record of what I've done up until last week:

15th Jan - 20 min prenatal cardio
17th  - 8 mins arms

22nd20 min prenatal cardio

1st Feb - 30 minute walk, 6 minute pilates with blogilates, barre thigh workout,
2nd - 30 minute power walk pushing pushchair
4th- 30 minute power walk pushing pushchair

(Sienna off school with sprained foot)
5th- 25 minute prenatal bodyweight workout
6th - off
7th- 20 min walk pushing both girls in the pushchair
8th - off
9th - 20 min kettlebell pregnancy workout
10th - off
11th - Bedtime pregnancy yoga

(half term so have both girls)
12th- 20 min prenatal cardio
13th-  off
14th- off
15th- 25 minute prenatal bodyweight workout
16th- 5k walk around Crealy for Aria's birthday
17th- off
18th- 8 mins arms + Prenatal core workout + TIU band burn workout

As you can see I started off slowly, one or two a week when I felt like I could manage it to ease myself back into it. Energy was still quite low so I didn't want to push it too much. I also hadn't worked out much prior to getting pregnant as we'd been so busy.

For the past 2 weeks I have managed 4 workout a week.. 3 of them are normally cardio/strength based and then one of them is a 'slower' paced workout such as a long walk or some pregnancy yoga. I find this so helpful for stretching out my muscles and helping my body relax. I have already felt a touch of sciatica in my right butt cheek and I suffered this with Aria towards the end of my pregnancy. The pregnancy stretching and the prenatal core workouts seem to really be helping so I am prioritising those and trying to do them each week from now on. I'm still listening to my body and making sure all the workouts are completely safe for pregnancy

It may not be a massive amount but considering I have never worked out during pregnancy, I am proud I am doing something and being consistent. I have never felt better during a pregnancy and I'm sure the workouts are helping those mood boosting endorphins as normally I struggle with feeling down during pregnancy.

I will keep track of the next few weeks and do another update then!

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