Friday 12 January 2018

Upping the Comfort Level In Your Living Room

Now that the highs of Christmas and New Year’s have passed, we’re all beginning to sink into that old, familiar feeling: the one that says we really don’t want to go outside, as it’s winter. And while we might be looking forward to the arrival of Spring, everything is pointing towards a long and chilly winter. So we better get comfortable! One thing that’ll stop you from counting down the days to April is having a living room that you love to be in. So without further adieu, we present a number of tips that’ll make your living room a comfortable haven from the outdoors.


Dim the Lights

Lighting is everything when it comes to feeling comfortable and cosy. Have a bright, overhead light? Then it’s going to be next to impossible to sink into that cosy, hygge vibe. Instead, invest in a few side lamps, and buy bulbs that give off an atmospheric glow. If you have a dimmer, then that’ll be all the better. Anything that makes you want to curl up into a ball and read all those books you got for Christmas.

Make it Comfortable

The whole family is going to feel the effects of winter. The children will be cold from walking back from school; you’ll be cold from nipping around town after work to buy all the family supplies. As such, you’ll want to have a place to return to that’s comfortable and toasty. Load up on extra squishy pillows and blankets, and you’ll be well on your way to enjoying those chilly nights indoors with all your loved ones. Perfect for gathering together to watch a film! And talking of which….

Entertainment Options

Save all those outdoor adventures for when the weather begins to pick up. During winter, you’ll want to have plenty of indoor entertainment to hand so you can enjoy your living room without boredom setting in. Look at getting a new television, one that can play Netflix so you can binge watch all those addictive television shows. Though remember, a cozy home has to be organised! If you’re getting a new TV, also look at TV units with storage; it’ll help keep everything in order. A surround sound system will top everything off, so you can get the true film watching or music listening experience.

Feeding the Senses

It’s not just how cosy a room looks; it’s how cosy it feels. One of the best ways to crank the ambience level up is to “feed the senses”. That means scented candles that’ll deliver a soft glow as well as a seasonal scent. For deep relaxation, it can also be worth considering investing in an incense burner, and a few of your favourite smells.

Natural Options

Finally, remember that while the indoors can be comfortable, it’s natural to pine for the outdoors too. Make sure you’re not too anxious to get outdoors by filling your home with outdoor elements, such as plants and pine cones.
Now, time to enjoy winter!

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