Tuesday 2 January 2018

This years travel plans!

I love doing these posts and I normally do them every January. Although I am now unexpectedly pregnant, we are still hoping to travel a bit this year once I'm feeling better and out of the first trimester... 4 weeks to go! Unfortunately, we won't be doing any Costa Rican rentals as I don't fancy flying long haul with 2 toddlers (our last flight back from Paris was horrendous!) and this time I'd be pregnant but we do have a few exciting things lined up and maybe that's an idea for the future?!

Last year, we were so lucky to go away a lot.. our main highlights were Butlins, Bordeaux, Weymouth & Disneyland Paris! We also went on a few weekends away and fun days out, here were some of our favourites:

I'm not sure if this year will be quite adventurous but you never know! Our ideas in the pipeline are...

We've been to Bluestone in Wales a few times now, the last time was when Aria was only 3 months old so I'd love to go back now both girls are older and can enjoy me. We love the relaxed feel of the lodges at Bluestone and the fact there is so much for the kids and a lot of the activities are things we don't do that often which is so lovely. I'd prefer to go when the weather is warmer as life just feels so much better then so that's an idea for the summer holidays maybe?

We are looking at a weekend away soon in the lovely Cotswolds, namely the Calcot manor hotel. It is a luxury manor and spa which sounds blissful although we would take the girls so it may not be as relaxing as it sounds but I'm sure it would still be a lovely break. The rooms look amazing and despite not living far away the Cotswolds is somewhere we have never been yet despite it being on our bucket list!

We've been looking at a Eurocamp holiday to Italy as well. It works out cheaper than staying in a hotel which is a bonus for us. I love that they offer mobile homes as well as camping too so you can have your own toilet and be a bit more homely which is important to me! We came across the Marine de Venezia Campsite and it looks amazing for the kids.. it also says there's a nearby Ferry to hop across to Venice which is somewhere we've always wanted to visit!
In September this year, my sister in law is getting married in Gloucestershire and so we are staying in a hotel for the night to make it easier as it's a good few hours away from us! Being quite travel focussed, we love checking out new hotels and so we're excited to be staying at the Porch House which looks amazing! It's a country pub but the rooms look beautiful, all rustic, exposed beams and freestanding baths.

Alton Towers
Ever since we went to Alton Towers a few years ago, we've been meaning to go back.. however as it's a 6 hour drive, it makes sense for us to stay over and it's quite pricey to stay at the actual resort. We've been toying with the idea of just staying near to it.. we'll see how the cost compares but Sienna loved it when we were there and I'm sure Aria would too, especially the waterpark! Our girls are such water babes. 

I've seen a few people go to Darwin Forest country park & it looked so lovely! Lodges really appeal to me as I'm such a home bird, the spa lodges look extra amazing. Sienna has always wanted to stay somewhere with a hot tub so she'd love this and we probably would too! They would love exploring too.

We've been meaning to go back to Portugal ever since we went there for our honeymoon in 2016. We loved the resort and the food, everything was perfect and the girls loved it too. It would be nice to go back as it is a special place for us too although we wanted to go back when it was a bit warmer as in October it was only around 21 degrees. 

Centre Parcs
Again, last year I saw so many people go to Centre Parcs and it's somewhere we've never been! We've been toying with the idea of booking it for this Christmas.. My mum and dad are away this year anyway so we don't have to worry about visiting everyone so much. The only thing is the baby will be about 3 months old so i'm not sure if it would be even more stressful than staying home?!

We obviously won't fit all of these things in this year, due to time and money but these are just our ideas. Maybe next year we will be more adventurous with our flights and plans.. who knows?!

Where are you off too this year?!

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