Tuesday 16 January 2018

Our 6th Pregnancy so far...

It's so crazy this is our 6th pregnancy all together and the 4th time I have been at this stage yet will only be our third living baby (hopefully). I'm currently 10 weeks and 6 days. It was so nice getting into 'double figures' and closer to the 12 week scan.. although we are still awaiting our date to come through for that!

7 week scan

This pregnancy has been rather up and down in terms of how I've been feeling. One day I can feel great and the next day I am in bed all day. These last two days have been the extreme of that.. yesterday I woke up feeling a bit nauseous but by lunch time I was feeling great and almost like 'normal'.. I even did my first prenatal workout which was 20 minutes of cardio & loved it! 

But this morning I woke up throwing up with a raging migraine before I'd even eaten anything and couldn't keep water down so I've spent most of the day in bed. Luckily, Warren was working from home today so was able to get Sienna to school otherwise I'm not sure she would have made it. Also luckily Aria has been in a good mood today and has been occupying herself building lego towers and doing puzzles while I die in bed. I got a few hours of sleep in while Aria watched YouTube.. bad parenting but I had to do what I had to do to feel better to collect Sienna from school at 3:30pm!  Thankfully a few hours sleep eased the headache and nausea, its still there but not as bad. 

My diet has not been amazing, especially with Christmas smack bang in the middle of my first trimester but it also hasn't been as bad as it was Sienna and Aria.. I have eaten a lot less fast food although I'm living on plain foods like chips and jacket potatoes but thats still got to be better?! I have worked out that I need to eat carbs pretty much all day long but especially late at night.. if I don't eat anything after my usual dinner... I am so hungry in the morning that I am actually sick. 

The other night I was eating leftover pasta and cheese in bed at 11pm but it worked - I felt a lot less nauseous when I woke up the next morning so I need to remember to carry on with that. I also need to stock up on sparkling water as that really seems to help settle my tummy but I keep forgetting about it. You can see what I've typically been eating in this video!

9 weeks pregnant

10 weeks pregnant

My bump is definitely growing and I have had a good feeling about this baby ever since we took the pregnancy test in November. We saw the strong heartbeat at 7 weeks and I'm just praying we see it again at the 12 week scan!

If you want to catch up with my previous weeks, here they are in video form...

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