Monday 22 January 2018

A day in the life (10 weeks pregnant with a nearly 2 year old & 5 year old)

Although I haven't been up for doing a whole day of vlogging lately, I still want to document this time in our lives as we all know how quick it goes! I can't believe I am nearly 12 weeks pregnant already, it really has flown by!

Our morning started with the usual school day rush... although I didn't feel too sick so that was good, I managed to get everyone ready on time and got Sienna to school. 

I started to feel a bit queasy on the way home, so I stopped to pick up a pastry & made a peppermint tea when I got home to settle my tummy. I always love a pastry but for some reason this pregnancy they really help with the nausea.. must be the carbs & the sugar! 

After we (of course) shared our pastry, I headed to Tesco to get some food in as we were pretty low. Aria fell asleep on the way so I let her sleep for 10 minutes extra while I saw and checked my emails on my phone in the car.

A little nap and a banana from the 'free fruit for kids' box made sure Aria was in a good mood to quickly get round the shop. She generally hates food shopping but as we didn't need much we braved it.

On the way home we stopped off at my mums.. Aria had a little bit of lunch as she couldn't wait any longer. She has a babybell cheese, half an avocado and chicken sandwich and some Yushoi salt and vinegar baked pea snacks.

As my mum is off work at the moment and unable to drive, we went for lunch just to get her out of the house for an hour! I had a tuna & cheese baguette with salad on the side and a diet coke!

From there we went straight to get Sienna from school.. how do the days go so fast?! When we got home we snuggled on the sofa for a little bit as I was feeling a bit sicky again. 

For dinner I did sweet & sour chicken as it's one of the girls favourites. This recipe is so easy.. as I had been out all day I cooked it on the hob but it is even nicer done in the slow cooker on low all day! All I do is cook the chicken, the add in a can of pineapple chunks with the juice, 10 squirts of low sugar/salt ketchup & 5 tablespoons of balsamic vinegar.

I let it all simmer down and thicken up & then add in a bag of steamed veggies done in the microwave and you're done. When doing it in the slow cooker I just chuck it all in together.

I normally serve it with brown rice and some prawn crackers although I actually forgot to put the prawn crackers out this night!

After dinner, I felt better and had a little wave of energy so I decided to squeeze a little workout in. It was very little, only 8 minutes of arms with Gina from Fitnessista but it got my shoulders burning & I definitely felt it the next day.

After that I made sure Sienna's school things were ready for the next day & then showered and pretty much went to bed! Although my energy is up a little in the day, I still crash at night and struggle to get out of bed if I'm not asleep by 9pm!

What does your routine look like?

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