Friday 8 December 2017

Travelling safe this winter #SeasonalTravels

Travelling in Winter is always a bit more dangerous, especially if we get a big amount of ice or snow as in the UK, we are never really prepared for it and nor are our vehicles or roads! If you do happen to find yourself in any sticky situations, there are professionals such as Slater Gordon lawyers on hand to help out with things like personal injury claims. But, to avoid any unnecessary accidents or legal issues here are your tips on staying safe while travelling...

 If it is floods and heavy rain you are worried about, ask yourself these questions to stay safe: Can your journey be delayed until the rain passes? Can you find a better route than isn't prone to flooding? 

 If you have to drive in heavy rain, make sure you drive with your dipped headlights on so drivers can see you, don't use fog lights and keep your air conditioning on to prevent your windows misting up and reducing visibility even further.

 If it is Ice you are worried about, ask yourself if your journey is necessary? It's also worth thinking about tyres you have on your car. If they're all season tyres they should be fine but if they are only summer tyres, it may be best to avoid the journey altogether.

 If you have to drive when it's icy, ensure you have a charged mobile phone for contacting someone if you get stuck or have an accident. If it is super icy or it starts snowing heavily, you may have to stop somewhere and walk so snacks and drinks are a good thing to have on you too. Also, remember being in a higher gear may give you better grip in icy conditions.

If it snow you have to drive in, do more preparation than you would normally. Ensure you have correct tyres, full screen wash, working windscreen wipers and just in case.. pack asthough you will get stuck and spend a night in your car... a torch, a hi-vis vest to make you visible if you break down, a blanket to keep you warm, some food, a drink, spare screenwash, de-icer, ice scraper, blanket, shovel, phone charger, map, a first aid kit, a warning triangle, some jump leads, a spade and a square of carpet that you can use to put under your drive wheels should you get stuck in the snow.

My last, main tip for everyone driving in bad weather is to slow down and allow yourself more time!

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